Save your marriage – Enjoy the Holidays

How many times have you fought over the Christmas Tree. It’s not straight. It falls over. The needles fall off. It brings out the grinch in all of us. What if there were a better tree stand? Stop the annual tree battle and put the joy back in the season.

A successful Christmas Tree begins with a successful Christmas Tree Stand

A good stand goes on easily, straightens easily, and holds a lot of water. Even better, it looks as good under the tree as the decorations on the tree. With the right tree stand putting up your tree is a snap

Buy Santa’s Last Stand, the last stand you will ever need!

The all new Santa’s Last Stand is heavy steel, welded construction. It’s 22” base and 7” wide center pipe holds big trees up to 12 feet. With three easy-turn, easy tighten T-bolts, trees straighten in seconds and stay straight. The unique round 360 degree base will not tip over and the high water capacity will keep your tree fresh all season.

And it looks great too!

We developed a new two process powder coating system that lets us paint the stands two super holiday colors Glitter Cranberry and Santa’s Glitter Green. What this means for you is that this is the stand that doesn’t need to be covered up. It enhances the beauty of your natural tree and all your treasured decorations.

We are not just another pretty face

We don’t just sell Santa’s Last Stand. We are the manufacturer. We have been in business for over 50 years. You are buying factory direct and we stand totally behind everything we make and sell. We know you will be happy with this beautiful, useful and heavy duty Christmas tree stand.

Put the joy back in Christmas with a beautiful natural Christmas tree that is easy to put up, will not tip over and that will stay fresh for the whole season.