Deco Design Ideas for Christmas

While many households decorate their mantles, their staircases and their trees, many overlook the area under their tree. And after all, it’s what’s under the tree that matters (or that’s at least the answer you will get if you ask the children during the holiday season)!

<KENOX S860  / Samsung S860>

Some of us don’t look forward to bringing a fresh tree into our homes due to the perceived hassle, yet we love the fresh scent of pine in our household during the holiday season, so we endure. What if you could combine not only great deco style with an easy to use tree stand, making this process simple and easy?

The Santa’s Last Stand, Deco Style, combines traditional Christmas icons with Deco flair. In addition to deco design, this stand offers:

  • High water capacity, meaning fewer trips back and forth to refill the water basin.
  • The ability to securely hold up to a 10 ft tree
  • Festive 2 color design: red & green
  • Easy set-up, providing a nearly hassle tree to get your tree up and straight

This unique, fashionable combination is not only decorative, but practical.

And, with our factory direct pricing, you can have all of this while saving money!

So, combine your love for deco design with your love for the holidays with the Santa’s Last Stand- Deco Tree Stand.