How to Make A Christmas Tree Stand

We at Lewis Tools have been manufacturing the Santa’s Last Stand Christmas tree stands in our own facilities for over 10 years.  They are the best quality tree stands available.  Here is how we do it:

  1. Cut the steel for the center pipe from coil stock using an automatic 90 ton press.
  2. Form the steel blank into a 7” diameter cylinder
  3. Cut the bottom cap from coil stock using a 90 ton automatic press
  4. Using a screw machine, cut the tree holding point from 5/16th steel rod
  5. Weld the point onto the bottom cap
  6. Using a robot welder, weld the bottom cap onto the center pipe.  At the same time weld the seam of the center pipe.
  7. Using a flow drill process, drill four holes into the center pipe to accommodate the T-bolts
  8. Tap the four holes with threads for the bolts.
  9. Weld the T-bolts.
  10. Nickel plate the T-bolts
  11. Cut ¼” steel rod into 19” lengths.
  12. Form the ¼” rod into the shape of Christmas tree stand spokes.
  13. Cut the 7/16th wire rod into lengths for the base ring using a wire straightener and cutter.
  14. Using a three roll bender, firm the steel rod into a circle for the base ring.
  15. Using the welding robot, weld the Christmas tree stand spokes to the base ring and the center pipe.
  16. Pass the welded assembly through a three stage wash system to wash off any machine oil and to chemically etch the steel so the powder coating adheres properly.
  17. Run the welded assembly through the powder coating booth where the powder is electrostatically drawn to the welded assembly.
  18. Run the welded assembly through the oven over where the powder cures and is baked onto the metal.
  19. Screw in the plated T-Bolts
  20. Apply top plastic cap
  21. Put tree stand in white shipping box
  22. Ship it!

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