The Best Christmas Tree Stand

Christmas Tree Stand

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The all new Santa’s Last Stand Christmas tree stand is heavy duty steel, welded construction.  It’s 22” base and 7” wide center pipe holds big trees up to 12 feet. With three easy-turn, easy tighten T-bolts, trees straighten in seconds and stay straight.  The unique round 360° base will not tip over and the high water capacity will keep your tree fresh all season.  With Cranberry Sparkle and Glitter Green powder coat, this Christmas tree stand is as attractive under the tree as the ornaments on the tree.

Buy The Right Stand For Your Tree Size

We offer two size stands to best fit your tree.  Clicking on the buttons to the left will take you to our sister site ( to complete your purchase.

You Are Buying Directly From The Manufacturer!

Santa’s Last Stand is manufactured by Lewis Lifetime Tools ( in our own factories in North America where we also manufacture Yard Butler tools.  We have been in business over 50 years and we make the best lawn & garden tools and Christmas tree stands on the market.  You are buying factory direct and we stand totally behind everything we make and sell. We know you will be happy with this beautiful, useful and heavy duty Christmas tree stand.

Decorative Christmas Tree Stand